Problem skin clinic

Dr Paul Charlson


Many patients have “problem skin”. Paul has extensive experience in treating skin issues . He understands how difficult and frustrating obtaining help is, particularly on the NHS. Some skin problems are difficult and Paul will try his best to offer solutions to them. Often the issue is not around what has been prescribed previously but how it is used. Sometimes conditions are chronic and cannot be cured but they can be managed more effectively.

Paul provides a consultation and advises on investigations and can provide biopsies if required.

He specialises in :

Acne, rosecea, melasma, hyper and hypo-pigmentation issues, hair loss , eczema, sun damage  and aging. He can guide you in finding solutions and managing your condition more effectively but sadly cannot guarantee results.

Treatments we provide range from creams including steriods, Ivermectin, Azeliac acid, Retinoids, Vitamin C, ZO products, oral medications such as antibiotics, laser and IPL

He consults in Harley Street (for W1, Marylebone, Bloomsbury) , Canary Wharf and Isle of Dogs (ideal for east end, E14 , Limehouse, Greenwich) and Chelsea (Pimlico, Fulham, Battersea, Belgravia, Mayfair)