Minor Surgery

Dr Paul Charlson


Minor surgery- removal of cosmetic skin lesions

Minor surgery is provided because we recognised that the NHS no longer provided removal of cosmetic lesions.  We therefore decided to provide a safe cost effective alternative.

Paul is a highly experienced dermatological surgeon trained in NHS clinics and the private sector. He provides removal of annoying and unsightly skin lesions using safe methods designed to minimise scarring. To plan your surgery Paul usually looks at an image of your lesion to decide whether he can remove it and to indicate a rough price. He will then invite you to a consultation and plan surgery. He uses a dermatoscope to examine lesions to determine potential malignancy.

If the lesion is very minor he can usually arrange for removal on the same day. Sometimes stitches are required and these can be removed about 7 days after surgery.

Lesions he commonly treats are :

Seborrheic warts – usually cryotherapy

Pilar or sebaceous cysts -minimally invasive punch excision with capsule extraction

Lipomas -minimally invasive punch excision with extraction

Skin tags and pedunculated moles – snip excision

Moles – shave or ellipse excision

Punch biopsies and excisions for minor lesions or hair disorders and other dermatological conditions requiring further diagnostic evidence.

Most minor lesions can be removed quickly and easily using local anaesthetic . Surgery is virtually painless. Moles and other pigmented  lesions can require further analysis by a laboratory to check for malignancy,

If you  have a lesion you would like removed please contact

Dr Charlson on 07545371100, intoskin999@gmail.com  for an initial appointment in Canary Wharf or Chelsea

Minor surgery
keloid scar requiring steriod injection

Dr Charlson can take blood samples required by online laboratories for further analysis.

This service is available at Canary Wharf or Harley Street.

Dr Charlson  runs a scar reduction clinic for raised itchy scars and

treatments for acne scarring.

Please contact us for more information or for a consultation.

T 07545371100 for an appointment.