Lip filler

Lip Filler

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Lip filler and rejuvenation with dermal fillers is very popular. We can freshen older tired thin lips or make a young lip fuller and more pouty with a quick and relatively painless procedure. We sometimes use an injection gun to reduce discomfort and provide the accurate filling.
However it is not an easy procedure to produce optimal results and avoid over inflated odd shaped lips. Paul says ” I have years of practice and this is needed to produce lips which complement the patient’s face. We use a choice of high quality premium fillers to produce different results. We can either turn back the clock or enhance the lips beyond their original size. A blend of a lighter filler enhances the lip border and provides sharpness and definition and a cannula to introduce a specialist lip filler into the body of the lip is the safest and best way to treat the lip. This produces a fuller defined lip. I prefer to see this as part of a peri-oral rejuvenation treating the area around the lips as well.”


Dermal filler plumps and rejuvenates lips from £200

Lip filler Lip fillers require a range of fillers and techniques


Lips are mobile which makes them an area of treatment which are best not attempted without good knowledge of anatomy.

Paul says “I love treating lips as they can really make the face. However the Phi ratio of 1:1.6 for upper: lower lip must be thought of when you augment lips and it is easy for people to get carried away with what they perceive is right and actually looks quite odd. There are a large variety of lip rejuvenation and augmentation techniques
Every other week I seem to see a patient treated by a clinic which has gone wrong and is sometimes difficult to sort out afterwards. 1 to 2 ml is the amount needed for most patients and this lasts about 4 to 6  months in reality. Lips are for expert injectors but seem to be the treatment first attempted by the relatively unskilled.”  We also provide a lighter adjustment of the lips of 0.5ml for £200