Dermal fillers are they all the same? Why cheap is not good

Dermal fillers are not “all the same”. Firstly some brands usually the cheaper ones are not CE marked because they are not classed as medical devices and undergo less rigorous checks as a result. One of the reasons why some filler clinics and practitioners are cheaper is because they use substandard non CE marked products. Furthermore every filler behaves differently so to optimise your results you need a Practitioner who knows each product and what effect it can produce. It really does matter and not just in terms of aesthetic outcome but in terms of length of action and whether the filler breaks up in time or causes swelling and tissue reactions.
Dr Charlson is an expert in using dermal fillers having many years of experience injecting them and attending and teaching nationally and internationally. We only use top quality CE marked premium fillers, not the cheapest but why risk a cheap product in your face? Paul has visited Merz, Galderma and Teoxane manufacturing facilities in Switzerland and France so he has seen first hand how the products are made.
Not just cheap fillers but cheap practitioners who claim experience but simply do not have it? Ask the practitioner how many procedures they have performed? See Dr Charlson’s comments in the Kyle Files and the Guardian and MIMS Dermatology
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