Eye rejuvenation

Eye Rejuvenation



The eyes are key to attractiveness in the human face. Paul at Intoskin offers comprehensive eye rejuvenation using advanced techniques.

My patients often complain about the appearance of their eyes. Eyelid skin is one of the first areas to show aging. Many factors contribute to the quality of your skin around your eyes including pigment, elasticity, and thickness but fat, bone, and muscle  play a significant role. When I evaluate my patients, I look at skin quality, the way their muscles contract when smiling or squinting, and how their underlying bone and fat are  supporting the area. Any person at any age may have one or more issues contributing, so I tailor my approach based on the individual.

  • Brow which loses fullness and can be treated with dermal filler
  • The upper lid crease loses volume and can be treated with a fine filler using a cannula into the lid crease or Polynucleotides or Juvelook a powerful collagen stimulator
  • Temple lost volume allows outer part of the eyebrow to sink: treated with Sculptra, Lenisna or dermal filler
  • The crows feet and lateral brow can be reduced with toxin and enhanced by filler
  • The dark circles around the eyes can be treated with special techniques with dermal fillers, Juvelook and polynucleotides plus pigment reduction using Klardie ruby and Pigmanorm
  • The loose skin around the eye can be addressed with PRP or Tixel

This can all be performed without the need for surgery such as blepharoplasty. There are patients where blepherplasty is more suitable.

More information about PRP rejuvenation  PRP injections

These techniques are specialised only offered by those practitioners who have advanced training such as Dr Charlson. The eye area is tricky to treat and probably an area we get most enquires about reversal.